Promises kept & performance you can trust for decades to come

Installing solar energy systems is serious business.

Since 2013, many residential, commercial and agricultural customers have trusted Independent Solar Solutions for the highest-quality work at the lowest price in the region.

Who We Are

We’re local.

You can count on excellent, personal service from some of the best-trained, most courteous teams in the solar installation business. Our strong relationships with local inspectors also make the permitting process quicker and easier.

We are photovoltaic experts.

Our training and experience are second to none! We understand where solar technology is now and where it’s heading so we can design your system to perform and continue to perform for you—and for the environment—for decades to come.

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Our expertise enables us to accelerate your project.

You start seeing returns faster. Plus, installation costs less due to our work ethic and efficiency let us accomplish even large installations with small, expert teams.

Peace of Mind

Count on enjoying complete peace of mind about our company, character and the value of your investment in renewable energy. We use only the best components. Our funding and business management are strong. So, we’ll be here for you long after your system is installed.

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